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During breakfast, Diana's Steward reminded her of a meeting she had this morning with one of her District rulers. It wasn't a meeting with her brother, since he would have simply shown up at breakfast seeing as he was part of her court as well. Instead it was Prince Solomon Reed who had requested some of her time. Although he ruled the District that the Province Seat was in, Diana saw relatively little of him except when she was sharing her Queen's Gift with the land. Not seeing him often wasn't a bad thing, though. Unless they gave her a reason to micromanage them, she did her best to be hands-off with her District rulers. Diana received the regular reports from Solomon along with the tithes and she was pleased with his efforts.

That he had requested her time concerned her. Diana decided to have the meeting in her office and so she sat behind her desk, trying to concentrate on some letters she needed to answer. A tray with simple snacks sat on her desk even though she had just recently eaten breakfast and despite her insistence that it shouldn't arrive until Prince Reed did. They were untouched, although she happily drank the coffee that had been sent with them.

For some time, she had the room to herself, which she thought was a peace offering due to the unnecessary snacks. Then with timing too good to be coincidence, in wandered one of her First Circle males, Emery Varnham, a Prince who wore the Green just as the butler notified her on a thread that Prince Reed had arrived. Diana narrowed her eyes at Emery, who only raised his eyebrows at her before finding himself a seat. A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth and then she folded the letter she was trying to read and tucked away in a drawer, along with the others while waiting for Solomon to be shown to her office.

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Solomon rarely needed to visit the Province Seat. The district ran well enough, he had never been called in over troubles. Though he supposed that might change if the mood held. He was surprised Diana hadn’t yet called him in, with all the complaints he had been receiving of late. He wasn’t sure what to do about it or what caused it. He had been tempted to talk to her Master of the Guard first, but he decided the Queen needed to know. Maybe she had some idea of what was happening. He arrived by coach and was ushered in by the butler. Then escorted up one from of the First Circles males he knew and worked with. 

He was allowed into the Queen’s study. He took an assessment of the room, who was in it before he bowed to Diana. “Lady Kael,” he greeted easily. He was a bit grim and didn’t make an effort to hide it. He was rather worried about the situation and how Diana would handle it. He was also worried he would be blamed for it. Not necessarily because that’s how Diana or her First Circle was, it was just a fear.

“Do you know how to deal with pirates?” He asked once the pleasantries were over with and he was invited to take a seat. He called in a folder containing letters and reported. He offered them to Diana. Until the last few weeks, they hadn’t had too many problems with pirates. The Navy did a good job at protecting them. However they had lost a few ships, or ships delayed over increased activity. 

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Re: Yellow Light
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Ah, pirates. They were something that was increasingly on Diana's radar as trade began to open up more. It was part of the recovery process, and she was hoping to be able to export more and more goods. This would be gradual because many people were still focused on surviving and many of the farms that would have otherwise grown other things in her Province were still growing food instead, not that there were that many farms compared to other Provinces, like Amelia.

"Generally we have been able to let the Territory Navy handle the pirates," Diana said, accepting the folder. She pulled out the first report and gave it a cursory glance over. "However, this is likely because we have not been a particularly good target for a while. Now that we're starting to export some goods again, we are making a target of ourselves." Diana flipped to the next page of the report, looking for specifics: estimated numbers of pirates, deaths, lost cargo and the like. She then handed the report to her Steward. He took it and read it more carefully than she had while she picked up the next one to look for the same thing. This one listed delays, which were better than lost lives or cargo, but still not something they could afford while trying to rebuild trade relationships with foreign merchants.

"If you're willing to leave the reports with me, I will take the time to read through them more thoroughly and send them back to you. But for now, does that seem like the correct observation to you?" She asked Solomon. Since his district included the main port, she assumed that he would have knowledge of it, and possibly more specific information than she had because he'd had time to read the folder of letters and reports.


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