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Board Modifications
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Board Modifications

This allows you to easily keep track of their favorite topics by Bookmarking it. You can find your list of Bookmarks under Profile.

This allows members to tag others via @<username> and it will send them a PM or an email. Under your Profile, you are to set your preferences and able to find all your @ tags in "Mentions".

Tagging System
Desc Coming Soon

Allows users to save drafts of new topics and replies. You can find your drafts on the reply/post topic page and in your profile.

Post Prefixs
Desc Coming Soon

Fancy Posts
There are series of custom bbcodes that allow your post to be fancied. Please see this post for a list and a description of how to use them. 

Found under your profile tab, This is a place where you can keep notes, links and other such items. It is able to keep and display multiple notes. The member is also able to edit and delete any note. Admins can view your notes.

-This is an staff account only-

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