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SubAccounts Walkthrough
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SubAccounts Walkthrough

New SubAccounts
  • At the top of the forum, click on "Profile" and go down to "Account Settings."
  • Under "Modify Profile," choose "Manage SubAccounts."
  • Click on the "Create / Link" button.
  • Fill out the information for the new account.
    • For the name, be sure you use correct capitalization.
    • Enter a password that you will remember.  Although you will never actually be logging into or out of the forum as this character, you will need it to make any profile changes later on.

Updating a SubAccount
  • At the top of the page, from the "Switch Account" dropdown, choose your character.  You will now be logged in/working as that character.
  • At the top of the page, choose "Profile" and "Forum Profile" from the menu.
  • Under "Modify Profile," you can update the profile information.  Please leave date of birth blank.  The forum software will not get your account information right.
  • Once you have made your updated, make sure you go back to the "Switch Account" dropdown and select your main login again.

Posting With a SubAccount
  • When posting a new post, reply, or quick reply, there's a dropdown that says "Use account."  Choose the appropriate login.
  • If you mistakenly post as the wrong character, you can correct it!
    • At the top of the forum, from the "Switch Account" dropdown, choose the account that "owns" the post currently.
    • Navigate to the post and choose "Modify."
    • In the modify/edit page, choose the correct account from the "Use account" option and save your changes.
  • Make sure you switch back to your main account from the "Switch Account" dropdown.
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