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Rabbit Heart
« on: June 28, 2017, 06:46:07 PM »
With some papers in hand, Stella reached out with her Rose and located who she guessed was Aaron in the seat. It was a dark jewel and familiar, and so she hoped that it was him. She wanted to give him a progress report on the restoration project for the seat, and have him make a few decisions on it. Or at least, steer him into the decisions she wanted to make because people actually listened if they came from Aaron. She apparently didn't have the 'terrifying hearth witch' thing going for her even if she tried, but 'Green Jeweled Warlord Prince' usually got people moving. It was a frustrating then. If they simply listened to her, she wouldn't have to waste his time like this.

"Hi Prince Cylas. I was wondering if-" Stella got a look at him and stopped in her tracks. He looked upset, which, she supposed wasn't too uncommon. He was a Warlord Prince after all. At least in her experience, their default mood seemed to be 'annoyed'. Or maybe that was just the Warlord Princes she knew before coming here. Either way, she was aware of how dangerous they could be and not knowing if he was simply irritated or if this could turn into something more had her rethinking.

"Maybe I should come back another time?" She made the offer with a tilt of her head. Or maybe it was nothing serious.

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Re: Rabbit Heart
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Aaron hadn’t wanted to leave Cenric to his visitors but he was too much in a rage of his own to be of use. He wasn’t sure how the other warlord prince had riled so easily but he had. Aaron usually had incredible control. He went to the room he used as his office and paced back and forth, hoping the physical activity would help leash his temper. All of this over tea.

He turned as someone opened the door to his room. He wasn’t happy but he didn’t lash out at Stella. He figured she had been through enough. He also wasn’t angry at her. Not that it was that easy to set his anger aside.  He crossed his arms behind his back as he gained a touch more control.

“I’m just raging about guests. Do you know what kinds of tea we have on hand? And why in Darkness’ name they are not good enough?” He tried to control his tone but it was hard. Maybe he needed to retrain the servants. Maybe he was just overreacting.

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Re: Rabbit Heart
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Of all things for Aaron to be angry about, Stella never would have guessed that it would be tea. She looked at him with a confused frown while trying to put together what he was talking about. The guests must have turned down the tea. She could see him working for his control, which she appreciated. She was not one to duck and flee from any unpleasant situation, but when faced with an angry Warlord Prince, the danger was very real.

"Yes," Stella said and then rattled off the couple types of tea they had. She had served much better quality tea before, but also much worse. Glacian tea, she had found, was absolutely disgusting and everything they had here was far better than anything she had there. If she was trying to stay warm, Stella preferred to drink plain hot water over their tea.

Stella also didn't think they usually offered tea to guests, which was strange to her at first, but not something worth balking at. Why did these guests have the opportunity to turn down their tea?

"Were they not offered beer or whiskey?" Stella asked, still with a confused frown on her face. "I thought that was what guests here usually wanted to drink." Admittedly, serving food and drinks to guests was not usually her job, although she would pitch in as needed. It was nice to choose since she had otherwise spent her entire life being forced to do so.


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