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Dalarna Province Info
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Dalarna Province Information

Dalarna is the most populated and commercial of the provinces that constitute Dharo. There is some agriculture in one of the districts, but it hardly makes an impact. Rather, the countryside is full of small villages that have refined the production of specific goods, each village being known for offering the best in that particular type of good.

Since there is very little farmland, the countryside has a lot of forested areas. These forests provide one of the few raw goods that Dalarna produces for itself: lumber. It is used in many different processes, and so it is a resource that must be gathered carefully to prevent overuse.


Ruled by Solomon Reed, Rose to Purple-Dusk Jeweled Warlord Prince (Becca).

Home to the Province Queen, Diana Kael, Merivesi boasts the largest city in the Province, along with a smaller town and a couple of villages. Aalto is the large city, at the edge of which is the Province seat, where Diana Kael lives. Aalto is a cultural center, with arts and festivals are being revived in the wake of the war. The city produces many goods, although they have seedier sides as well with Red Moon Houses. They also have a port, through which many of the Province's imports and exports travel, and part of Dharo's Navy is stationed there.

Ruled by Ashton Troy, Sapphire to Red Jeweled Warlord Prince (NPC).

This district is home to several large villages where master level craftsmen of glass- and stoneware live. They are rebuilding at an average rate since the drought and war, having struggled to get raw goods to turn into crafted wares. 

Ruled by _____ _____, _____ to _____ Jeweled ____ (Open).

Of all the districts in Dalarna, this one has the most farmland of the province, which still is not much in comparison to other Provinces. Among other things, they create excellent quality pastries, jams, and sweets from their raw goods, and other goods that they import from neighboring Provinces. They are slowly recovering from the war and increasing production. There are three small villages, and people spread out over the farmland.

Ruled by _____ _____, _____ to _____ Jeweled ____ (Open).

This southern district does a lot of trade with Amelia, along with a fair amount of carefully controlled logging, especially in the wake of the drought, which reduced new tree growth.

Places of Interest

The capital city of Dalarna, home to its Queen, Diana Kael. It is a bustling city on the sea, full of culture and arts, as well as some of the finest craftsmen in the Territory. Like most big cities, there are areas that are not desirable places to live, and others that are clearly home to Aristos. The city sprawls north towards the border of the District, and towns and villages continue on into the next district over. Just outside the city to the west is the beginning of a forest that extends into the next District to the west. At the edge of the forest, also bordering Aalto is the Queen's estate and a small village, were some court members choose to live.

A sprawling, grassy park in the eastern side of Aalto. A section was recently converted to be memorial park for those lost in the war so that the people can remember the past while celebrating life and looking towards the future. It hosts outdoor festivals and other celebrations and events, along with an annual memorial service. The pathways and groves offer places for residents to relax during the warmer months.

Virta River
In the southern end of the territory is a large lake, into which the Virta River empties. The river is the namesake of the Virta district. Barges sail up and down the river, carrying goods to other Provinces, there is a small port on the lake where they dock and unload.

Lehto Forest
The forest extends from Merivesi district just outside Aalto into its neighboring District to the west, and across the border into Valencay Province. The road through it narrows along the middle to be just wide enough to allow two coaches to pass each other going opposite directions. The trees appear ancient along these areas and the thick foliage offers a hushed ambiance, which becomes eerie at night. There are campsites along the way, often used by travelers, but are owned by no one.


The Province is ruled by Diana Kael, a Purple-Dusk to Sapphire Jeweled Black Widow Queen from a branch of the Troy family. With the support of the Hourglass and enough Warlord Princes to be elected, she took over during the civil war when the previous Queen was killed.

When the civil war erupted, different areas of the Province were hit harder than others, with Virta and Viavata, along with their neighboring district to the west taking the brunt of it. Craftsmen all over the Province were forced to change from creating the goods they wanted to make to ones that were useful in a war. With an overall lack of farming in the Province, the people suffered from hunger due to imports from some other Provinces being cut off, along with the drought that preceded the war and ended a year into it.

In the year since the truce, the people have been rebuilding with the help of the few suitable Queens they are able to find. They are slowly changing back to creating their original products and restoring the land.
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Re: Dalarna Province Info
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Dalarna Province Court, Dharo

ruled by Diana Kael, Purple-Dusk to Sapphire Jeweled Black Widow Queen

  • Queen: Diana Kael, Purple-Dusk to Sapphire Jeweled Black Widow Queen (Myst)
  • Consort: Cathias Dian, Green to Red Jeweled Black Widow Warlord Prince, 35 (Kaye)
  • Steward: Eric Collins, Rose to Opal Jeweled Warlord, 40 (NPC) *
  • Master of the Guard: Eskel Kvalhiem, Opal to Red Jeweled Prince, 31 (Becca)

  • Healer: Carolina Beck, Summer-Sky to Opal Jeweled Healer, 38 (NPC)

  • Ashton Troy, Sapphire to Red Jeweled Warlord Prince, 28 (NPC) **
  • Alexander Steele, Purple-Dusk to Opal Warlord Prince, 38 (NPC)
  • Simon Alden, Rose to Purple-Dusk Jeweled Warlord Prince, 28 (NPC)
  • Emery Varnham, Summer-Sky to Green Jeweled Prince, 35 (NPC)
  • Aser Byrd, Tiger-Eye to Purple-Dusk Jeweled Prince, 26 (NPC)
  • Waylon Ayers, Tiger-Eye to Rose Jeweled Prince, 32 (NPC)
  • Reed Corwin, Summer-Sky to Opal Jeweled Warlord, 45 (NPC)
  • Owen Slater, Summer-Sky to Purple-Dusk Jeweled Warlord, 35 (NPC)

  • NPC

  • Carissa Beck, Birthright Tiger-Eye Jeweled Black Widow, 14, Carolina's Daughter (NPC)

* Character can be replaced with the explanation that it was the end of his contract and he chose not to renew or to have a different role in the court.
** Currently ruling Vaivata.
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