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Description: a guide to joining

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002: Getting Started
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a guide to joining
  • Read the Rules
  • Register a Player Account.
  • Make a Character

what to do if you have questions
  • PM a staff member.
  • Post in the Questions and Suggestions forum-- a great place to post detailed questions for the member base as a whole and/or do some brainstorming with us. It can be especially helpful if no one's currently online to help you out.
  • If people are online now-- try the cbox.

the bio
  • Check out the character bio forms and start filling out the basic bio. It's up to you to decide how much to disclose, how much you want to establish to start, and how you want to organize that info within the form.
  • Use your character account to post your bio in the Characters forum (with your character's name as the thread title) and wait for your jewels to be rolled or approved (if requesting a certain jewel combo).
  • If you choose to utilize a play-by (PB), please check the listing of Face Claims so you don't accidentally duplicate a PB.
  • Fill out the areas on your character's account profile with all the information found their.  Once that is done, go forth and play!
  • The character will be looked over by one of the staff with in the week and then moved into the Accepted character forum.
  • As you get a feel for your character, you should update the bio with any important events or updates as you rp.

getting started

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