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good news for people who /love/ bad news
« on: July 05, 2017, 03:14:25 PM »
The idea that she would be moving her court for the second time in just over a year seemed almost overwhelming and had Bella wondering if she would ever find a place to settle down and just live.  Bella had never been a very ambition woman when it came to political power; instead, she had always just dreamed of finding a place where she could just live out her life – raising the family she always dreamed of having.  But life had other plans for her and she was starting to accept that her childhood dreams would never come to fruition. 

But as overwhelming this move would be for her, she could only imagine would it would mean for her wayward Steward.  Tristian was not a natural Steward, and if the Opal Jeweled Healer Queen was truthful, she would have never asked the Warlord to pick up that role if she hadn’t been the situation that she had found herself in last year.  She needed a Steward that had some training and understanding of the Merchant families that ruled the upper crust of society, and Tristian fit that role.   He had accepted the room after she had promised him that she would find a replacement as soon as she could; something, she had fully intended to do once things had settled down.  However, with the move to Dematia, she was going to have to delay that promise just a bit longer – that is, if Tristian was willing to move back to the Province that he had left so long ago.  And there was only one way to find that out.  Settling herself in the small sitting room attached to her bedroom, she sent for a small tray of treats and settled in for a long (or maybe not so long) conversation.

*Lord Chavarria,* she called out on a Purple Dusk thread, *Can you come see me when you have a moment.*   

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Re: good news for people who /love/ bad news
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2017, 10:40:37 PM »
The more time Tristian spent in the Steward role, the more he got used to it. That didn't mean he was starting to like it, though. He was getting used to feeling completely awkward and in over his head. At least he was getting better at writing letters; those were the easiest part of his job because he could rewrite them over and over and no one saw the extra drafts. Maybe soon, the Queen he served would find a real Steward and he could do the boring work that didn't involve talking to people. That was something he was not getting much better at.

Unfortunately it was something he had to do often. No amount of practice seemed to help, either. In general, Tristian didn't feel like he was a very good Steward, and he didn't understand why Bella hadn't replaced him yet. Surely there was someone better suited to the job than he was, especially since they'd moved to Amelia. That brought a larger pool to choose from, but apparently she hadn't found anyone since he was still the acting Steward.

Or maybe she had. He could only hope.

*I will be right there, Lady,* Tristian responded, putting down his pen. The letter was looking good so far, and he hoped it would be the final draft, but it would wait until later. He sighed, smoothing his somewhat wrinkled shirt as he exited his office and headed to Bella's sitting room. He knocked and then let himself in.

"Hello, Lady," he said, clearing his throat. "What did you want to see me about?" He glanced at the tray. At least she was eating, or intended to.


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