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Beinn Province info
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Beinn Province Information

Heavily forested and sparsely populated, Beinn's people are mostly broken up into many small villages of five or so extended families. These villages live off small farms with a large amount of hunting, fishing, and gathering native plants to supplement their diet. With the influx of refugees post-war some of Beinn's villages have swelled to become more like the traditional village seen in the rest of Dharo, though none are large by any measurement. Before the war Beinn was known for it's export of lumber and several native plants, however it has exported little of either since. During the war Beinn closed it's borders to the fighting from Dharo and remained impartial as much as possible but was hit hard by Glacian raiders who have recently resumed attacks.


During the drought and civil war, Beinn did it's best to close it's borders to all armies and remain neutral, as the ruling Queen had no close ties to any of the major Aristo families of Dharo. There were some attempts by other Territories and bandits to raid for sorely needed food, but the people of Beinn disappeared into their forests, and invaders only ever found empty air or iron hard resistance.

For a while Beinn was doing the best of any province, their more spread out population and lack of large farms meant the drought didn't hit them as hard as many others, however this changed when Glacia sensing weakness began to raid from the north as it had often done in the past. Now fighting a battle on two fronts Beinn's small military was stretched too thin. Refugees began to pour through the gaps and over hunt/scavenge the land like locusts. With the refugees providing such juicy targets raids from both Dharoan bandits and Glacian war parties were more successful and so intensified.

Late in the war a group of bandits attacked the Province seat killing almost the entirety of the first and second circles, along with the Province Queen herself. Whether they were Glacians, or Dharoans was never determined.

When the drought ended and Dharo returned to peace, Cenric Kabler, a Red jewelled Warlord Prince who had been a mere commoner guard in the third circle of the Province Court, managed to rally the shattered military of Beinn to concentrate their efforts on the northern border and repel the raids for a time, though after a year of respite they have begun to increase once more. Tentatively at first, but with no response from the Territory Court they have become bolder.

Beinn was left over hunted and fished, most of the food picked clean by the mad influx of refugees and much of the population now struggling to feed itself. The land has been devasted by the violent use of craft across the Province in dozens upon dozens of battles of varying size, and Beinn has almost no Queens left to assist in healing it. Despite the losses of their people the population of Beinn is surprisingly close what it was at the beginning of the war, with a fair number refugees who have nothing to return to in other provinces remaining in Beinn.

Current Events

  • The Province is run by common born Warlord Prince Cenric Kabler due to his jewel strength and the initiative he took to rebuild the Province, much to the consternation of remaining Aristos.
  • Tensions between those native to Beinn and the refugees who moved there after the war never really went away.
  • Raids from Glacia have begun again, and are growing steadily worse.
  • Beinn has received little help from outside the Province, leaving much of the population angry and disheartened.
  • With the land devastated and no Queens to heal it Beinn has just been through an extremely tight Winter, and things aren't looking much better as the new crops are failing to take.

The Future

Shiori Yukimura will be recruited first as a District ruler on a provisional basis, and will eventually move up to Province Queen.


  • Beinn's remaining minor Aristos.
  • District rulers.
  • Practically everything for the 'Court'. Cenric doesn't have enough people to organise by circles yet, and no official Triangle, but he needs people willing to work hard for Beinn's future.
  • Community leaders, soldiers, disgruntled farmers, refugees with no idea what's going on, anything really just populate Beinn a little.


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