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May 2017 Update
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So with the coming Summer, we are changing things around a bit on Darkest Web. I suppose this is  a bit of spring cleaning.

The Summit set in motion a few changes, the largest change being the treaty with Askavi that Lady Bailey has been working on since she took the Throne of Dharo over a year ago. Part of this treaty is ceding Ludaea and Aarenis provinces back to Askavi (Pre-Board history they were conquered by Dharo). It also includes bringing in two dark jewels into Dharo, Queen Persis Kersin and her brother Warlord Prince Jared Riese to help stabilize Dharo and defend its borders. Another part of the Treaty would intell Askavi pushing back against Glacia along its borders as well as supplying arms and in some cases men to Beinn.

Since then Lady Bailey has turned her attention inward to Dharo and started moving her pieces in order to best help Dharo. Her largest move to date is ‘convincing’ Nathaniel Troy, Warlord Prince of Amelia, to step down in favor of Persis Kersin. It is not public knowledge or even widely known in Bailey’s Court that she forced Nathaniel to step down. As this pointed all anyone knows is that Nathaniel is stepping down in favor for an experienced queen which is best for his people.

This will start Bailey’s attempts to limit some of the aristos’ power in Dharo. She will be moving mostly against Troys and Herondales alike but other branches are not immune. Many commoners feel the higher aristos were to blame for the Civil War, and feel that if the Aristos stay in power another War will happened. This, Bailey will be making small steps towards limiting the Houses power (and again this isn’t public knowledge, just something to be aware of and to use as a background plot). If you have ideas or want your characters effected, let us know.

The next change is Lady Isabella Arryn will be taking over Dematia Province in the early Summer. Part of this is her moving forward since Aarenis is no longer in her reach, and part is her Consort, Colby Herondale, working to secure more power for his family. This might make the Court a target for Bailey if she sees a direct connection.

Furthermore, since we made the decision to close Glacia and just focus on Dharo, we have also opened Valencay Province. This is where Black Widow Healer Queen Annalis Hraben will be ruling from. Look forward to more information about this province and plot.

Others bits and pieces
1) If you have old, old threads please consider finishing them up whether by postings or talking it out with the other members involved. This will give a “fresh” start as we move forward. You can also consider moving them forward in time, for example, Kaye and Tay reworked Olwen and Kain’s thread so its post-summit instead of pre-summit.

2) We also going to be poking province leaders to update their province information page or create one.

3) Since we also merged most of the Glacian characters into Dharo, as you have time please go through and update them for Dharo (history mostly).

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