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001: About & Rules
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about Darkest Web

Is Darkest Web right for you?

Darkest Web was created because of a love for the Blood and the world that Anne Bishop created and a desire for a creative space that allows a player to develop their characters while sticking to the basic canon of the world.   To achieve this, we are hoping to create a laid-back approach to forum role-playing where there is not one person or even one group of people that are responsible for develop the plots and focus of the board.   

A few things to consider when joining the Darkest Web.


While we are rated PG 13ish, this site is geared towards working adults and because of this, our activity tends to come and go.  We all have jobs, responsibilities, and hobbies in our real life, and we strongly believe that real life ALWAYS comes before our roleplay life.   All we ask is that players let us know when they are going to be gone and that we have open communication to all players.

Community Behavior

We expect that our player base to conduct themselves in a mature and understanding manner at all times.  We understand that not everyone is going to have the same views on a large range of subjects, including how we handle our characters.  This is understandable and should be expected. We do not discourage batter and civil conversations, but we asked that if you cannot act civil to one another that you respectfully avoid those topics.

Play Style

Third person, past tense, play-by-post describes our play style best. Our threads are primarily one-on-one, with open threads being marked as such. There are large group events every few months. There are no word count minimums, our typical posts range anywhere from 250 words to 1000+ words. You're welcome to write as much or as little as you would like.


The roleplay on Darkest Web revolves around the happenings of the various courts and major areas found within our Territories.  Our plots are driven by the tension between the various courts, castes, social classes, and Territories.  We welcome any character that is willing to add to those tension, and we highly encourage that you make characters for the varies courts on the board.  However, we understand that no one will like every character or think that every Queen is a gift sent from the Darkness itself.  All we ask is for you to keep in mind that the world of the Blood is an often unforgiving one when it comes to making mistakes, and that we out a healthy respect (or at least survival instinct) for those of higher caste, jewels, court, or social class, your character might find itself in a sticky situation.

Because of the nature of our board, there is no general plot for us to give.  The plots are focused instead on the characters within each territory have a general story arc that drives several different main subplots along and the many smaller personal ones that naturally happen.

Read more about the setting here.

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Re: 001: About & Rules
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rules & expectations

  • Register an account with your name/preferred alias. This will be your player account, for use in OOC forums and plotting.
  • Make a separate sub-account for each character. Register with your character's first and last name with proper capitalization. Naming conventions may vary. You will find directions here.
  • DW is an 13+ rated board. You may address adult themes and subject matter (coarse language, violence, etc), but please refrain from posting large quantities of explicit information that may not be suitable for a work environment.
  • Activity
    • If you have not posted an away notice or logged into your player account in over 1 month, your characters and other information will be archived. The accounts will not be deleted, and you are welcome to come back whenever you are able to join us once again.
    • Rulers of territory courts and heads of state will be removed after 1 month of inactivity and the territory will be up for plot adoption.
  • Post a character bio with the basic information filled out and have your jewels rolled BEFORE posting IC. You do not need to be approved before posting IC.
  • IC Posts
    • Write in-character posts in third person, past tense.
    • DW has no word count.  We appreciated quality over quantity.
    • In group threads, you may skip a character if they have not posted in 2 weeks.
    • In group plot threads, you may skip a character if they have not posted in 1 week.
  • DW is a place for all types and writing styles. This site should be a safe and fun place for everyone to relax and tell stories about the characters we develop. Behavior that is counter to this idea will not be tolerated. On the same note, please understand that not everyone will mesh with each other 100%, and in that case please follow the golden rule.
  • Graphics
    • Avatars should be 200x300px. Signatures can be no larger than 500x220px.
    • If you choose to use PB, please utilize real people as visual aids, refrain from using anyone who is not a public figure.

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