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chess pieces
« on: May 24, 2017, 12:29:15 PM »
OOC: Province leaders are free to announce this information to their people as they see fit. Pretty much we are looking for a post from each province ruler on how they feel about the treaty. This is the day after the feast/party and the ending of the Summit.
Each day of the summit had its own unique stresses. The first night was an announcement to an entire room of people, followed by being social and hoping they liked her. Lesia knew she shouldn't worry about that too much; she had a strong court and she had been voted in. Still, she hoped to garner more support because she knew how unstable her Territory still was. Provinces were still struggling, whether for food, shelter or, in the case of Beinn, simple safety.

This was, in part, why she had decided that they needed a treaty with Askavi. It was the most difficult decision she'd made to date in all of her years of ruling. She'd sought counsel from her males, and eventually, they agreed on the terms they wanted to offer to begin with, and what their limits were.

The end result was not something Lesia was entirely happy with, but it was what Dharo needed. She only hoped that the Province rulers and the rest of the people could look past the initial reaction to the loss of part of their Territory and see the positives that were happening as a result.

For this announcement, Lesia waited until the meeting with only the Province rulers. It was held at a long table in what was usually her formal dining room. Water, tea, coffee, and tea were offered, along with simple refreshments to eat. She allowed conversation to happen amongst those gathered and when the initial greetings began to quiet, she used Craft to enhance her voice, though she remained seated because the rest of this meeting was meant to be a discussion, rather than her simply telling them all what to do.

"Thank you again for attending this summit. Before we begin this conversation, I have an important announcement to make, which affects the Territory as a whole. As you all know, I have been in contact with the Queen of Askavi for the past few months." The result of the initial talks had been having Persis Kersin of Askavi ruling Ludaea. "In recent weeks, we have agreed upon a further treaty. Dharo will be surrendering to them the Provinces of Ludaea and Aarenis. In return, we will continue to have Lady Kersin rule in Dharo. Her brother, a Gray Jeweled Warlord Prince, will come to us as well, adding more strength to our Territory. Askavi has agreed to provide arms and supplies to aid Beinn, and will side with us should the Queen of Glacia choose to escalate the conflict to war.

"I realize that the loss of our Provinces is a blow, and it was not a decision I made lightly, however I believe the rest of Dharo will be better for it." She looked around the room, making eye contact with the other rulers. "If you have concerns, I would like to hear them now, or you are free to contact my Steward if you would like to discuss in private." She made an open-handed gesture, waiting to see if anyone had anything they wanted to say.

Her eyes rested for a moment on the Queen of Dalarna. The woman took a breath, as if she was going to say something, and then appeared to decide not to. Lesia shifted her gaze to the next ruler.

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Re: chess pieces
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2017, 10:11:47 AM »
Nothing had happened, nothing had changed, and this whole damn trip had been a waste that left his people undefended.

Cenric had spent two days talking to Aristos, going through the same pointless formalities and pleasantries, and now as the summit drew to a close he had very little to show for it. He'd made friends with a District Queen, but she didn't have the political clout to offer him anything but sympathy. The rest, well, some had been decent, but Cenric seemed to have a habit of rubbing the upper crust the wrong way, and the feeling was mutual.

As he waited for this meeting to start Cenric lounged in his chair, floating morsels of food to himself and making no attempt to talk to either of the rulers beside him, though he had nodded in greeting to each Queen. Most of his attention was focused on Nathaniel Troy, the only other Warlord Prince in the room and not Cenric's biggest fan, but he wasn't about to start anything if the lighter jeweled man could keep his temper.

When Queen Bailey began talking Cenric shifted in his seat slightly to watch her, assuming this would be another speech about how the Provinces had to work together and all the Aristos had to stop trying to kill each other while the problems of Beinn glossed over, but he quickly changed his mind.

Cenric was no political genius, but as he straightened in his seat and processed what Lady Bailey said it didn't seem like Dharo was getting the better end of the deal, and Beinn definitely wasn't. “I have concerns.” Anger flooded his voice as Cenric rose to his feet to speak, unable to keep himself in his seat.

“What exactly is Beinn getting from this deal? We need soldiers, not more weapons for the few we have left. More than that we need Queens to heal our land so we can plant this Spring and don't all fucking starve before next!” Cenric's hand slammed into the table for emphasis, several nearby plates and cups bouncing from the impact. The supplies from Askavi might help, but he doubted they'd get enough to feed all of Beinn, and if they weren't able to plant a crop this year (and soon) they might have to. The destruction and fighting had driven much of Beinn's usually plentiful hunting away, and if they had any hope to feed themselves they'd need to rely on the few large farms available, and pray to the Darkness for a good harvest.

“Since you haven't said anything to me, I assume we're not getting Queen Kersin OR her fucking brother?” He phrased it like a question, but he didn't give the Queen a chance to respond. “But I'm sure we'll appreciate Askavi's help in this conflict if it ever gets serious enough to bother the rest of you. If any of us are fucking left by then.”

With great effort Cenric broke the glare that had been focused on the Territory Queen and marched for the door. He never should've bothered to come here.

Once again Beinn had been passed over. The repeated raids by Glacians waved away as a 'conflict', and a token offering made that didn't solve any of their problems. Why? Was this all his fault, because he was a commoner leading his people? Or was it some sort of twisted retribution for Beinn closing it's borders and trying to protect itself in the civil war rather than siding with any one family? Whatever the reason it sickened him, he'd take Glacians over Aristos any day. At least the Glacians stabbed you from the front.

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Re: chess pieces
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2017, 11:28:57 PM »
Anna was quiet as she listened, hands folded together in front of her. It was indeed troubling times when the Territory was forced to hand over two Provinces, but she could also see why Lady Bailey had thought it perhaps worth the trade. The entire Territory was still in recovery mode, and - like Beinn - Valencay had been suffering a few incursions from Glacia in it's northern most Districts, though Valencay wasn't suffering nearly as badly as their neighbouring District of the North.

The Queen of Valencay was hardly surprised, then, with the Warlord Prince's outburst, and even though she had her own grievances that the Territory Queen's decision was going to cause her own Province, she attempted to raise a hand to gently speak to the man who was beginning to storm toward the door.

"Prince Kabler, if you please," Anna's voice was soft, but there was strength in it nonetheless, the woman was not a gentle being by any manner despite her calm and soothing manner at the moment. "Speaking in heated anger and then leaving right away is not going to solve your problem, nor the problems of any of us. Would you stay so that issues which must be addressed can be?" She asked, however, then canted her head at him, "If not, then I hope to speak with you soon, as your concerns are also mine." There was a nod offered to the man, before she turned her attention back to the rest of the gathering.

"I have some concerns as well, like what is going to happen with the refugees of those Provinces which are being given over, who do not wish to live under the banner of Askavi. I expect that Valencay is going to suddenly see an increase in population, and having to find not only housing but also work for these people, since we are on the border of both Ludaea and Aarenis."

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Re: chess pieces
« Reply #3 on: May 27, 2017, 02:02:52 AM »
Nathaniel was trying to be behave himself. He’d spent the night with Hrodi so he was pleasantly soothed. Not even Cenric’s presence could annoy Nate at this point. He did note that the other man was keeping an eye on Nate. At any other time Nate might have preened and even flirted with him just to see what Cenric would do. He half wanted to respect the man and the other half wanted to strangle him. He had talked to Shi last night after Cenric had left her presence, however he would need to see her again. He lined the trip up in his head, maybe Hrodi would go with him. He wished he was closer to Diana but he liked being around his cousin. It was harder now with they both province rulers to visit. He couldn’t just drop in unless it was around a birthday or holiday. He wanted gossip about her Consort. He was a little sexy even if he wasn’t blond. Not that he would breath a word of that to Hrodi.
When Bailey stood to address them, Nate turned his attention to her. He liked her but he didn’t. He had mixed feelings about most queens to be fair. He frowned, his eyebrows furrowed. He didn’t like giving any land away, at least off to Askavi. He would have said his displeasure but Cernic stood and bellowed. Nate was a little impressed. He did have to snap another chain on his own temper, it was natural for him to want to respond to another male's temper. He gritted his teeth for a moment.
He looked over at Di, with a puppy-dog look on his face, as he needed a distraction. He wanted to show Cenric up or push for a fight. He also knew he shouldn’t but he wanted too. *Diana, I am a better drama king.*
*No.* Diana replied with more than a little exasperation in her tone, partially to cover for the fact that she felt startled. *This is not a competition.* There was a pause as she turned her attention back to Cenric for a moment, although she didn’t break the thread with Nate. *You are a better drama king though.*
*I am pretty and I had to compete with you, Etain and Olwen. I had to learn to be an amazing drama hog or everyone would have overlooked me.* Nate said with a bit of pride. Nate had half a mind to tell Cenric if he bent over a little bit Nate might be willing to spare some guards. He would have to say it in a flirty tone so it was clear what he meant. Again now was not the time, it would only cause a fight.
*Your dramatics are legendary, known throughout the Territory. But now is not the time.* Diana was only sort of kidding about his dramatics.
*Are you sure?* Nate let his heavy sigh grew across their thread. When Annalis spoke and tried to soothe Cenric, Nate’s eyebrows rose a little. Did she not know how to deal with warlord princes? It would be better for them all to let Cenric walk his temper off. None of the queens in the room were his queens to Nate's knowledge. Too much of an attempt to control him would end badly. None of their provinces needed that. Maybe they knew each other? Nate knew what his reaction would be if an unknown Queen tried to soothe him, even if it was just with words. *At least I don’t need soothing,* he threw out to his cousin.
*For once,* Diana responded, and her confusion over Anna trying to calm Cenric came with her words, along with a bit of apprehension that it would have an opposite effect on the Warlord Prince. *You will have to explain why that is... later.*
*I can drop by this evening, tomorrow maybe? We haven’t had much time together cousin. Lady Bailey wants a word with me after all of this drama,* Nate said a little absently as he listened to Annalis. Diana’s response to him was equally absent agreement. He decided to speak because more refugees affected Amelia. They had streams of refugees from the other provinces. Nate was worried how much more his province could hold. “There will not many refugees from Aarenis. Their former province queen is one of my district queens, they faced severe raids from jinka and rouges nearly a year ago. She moved as many as she could to Amelia.” He looked around the room for a moment, “my concern with this treaty is how much more of a burden this will put on our food supplies. Especially if we pick up more mouths to feed from the two provinces we are losing,” though he was more concerned with Ludaea’s population. He didn’t know much about the treaty beyond it had been a fight to keep it in Dharo during the War.
“A year ago I would have offered what I could to the refugees but Amelia is dealing with refugees from other provinces still suffering post-war. With less land to farm, with two of our provinces being given away, we may not have the food supplies to spare or hold us over the winter in across the provinces. We would have to start importing again, we can’t afford that.”
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Re: chess pieces
« Reply #4 on: May 27, 2017, 08:13:07 AM »
The summit had been eye opening in one way or another and so the Queen of Ludaea had gone into this meeting with her mind as open as she could have possibly done. She’d sat herself next to the Queen of Pitary as the two women had struck up a friendship over the last couple of months, so they’d chatted until Bailey had arrived. Then she sat back, face blank as she listened. As the Territory Queen started laying down the terms of the agreement with Askavi.

Persi was so focused on remaining passive looking that she barely registered Pitary’s Queen reach across and take one of her hands. A silent supporting hand from a sister, that simple gesture helped her center herself a little as the it was annouced that though Dharo would loose Ludaea that she was also to loose her Province and remain within the clutches of Dharo. Though she has been aware of the hand over and had already been working with the Queen set to up into her place as well as prepare people who wished to relocate she still felt that all to familiar irritation at the whole affair.

She continued to remain silent, doing her to best to seem interested at the other Province leaders said their pieces, the impressive explosion of temper from the Warlord Prince of Beinn, to the soothing words and concerns from the Queen of Valencay then finally the Warlord Prince of Amelia with his concerns. The concerns were all very similair in nature.

Giving her friends hand one more quick squeeze she sighed and got to her feet “As the current Queen of Ludaea I can assure you that I will work hard to make sure that those who wish to remain within the Territory of Dharo are moved smoothly and with as little impact as possible,” she looked at each one of the sitting Provinces Leaders, as she pushed down the humliation she felt about this whole thing “I will have my steward liase with all of yours with lists of who we have, what skills they have and where they would most like to be situated. If you all could,” she paused and looked away for a moment “When there is time, it would be most appericated if each of your stewards gather information of what skills would be most useful in your Provinces so that we can relocate people with the least possible incovinence.”

Then she took her seat again and waited.

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Re: chess pieces
« Reply #5 on: May 27, 2017, 07:35:02 PM »
Since Nate seemed willing to refrain from making his own scene, Diana gave her full attention to the others in the room, not that she really had any intention of doing more than she already had to prevent an dramatics from him. She was keen on telling Cat what had happened, though, while at the same time, she wondered if there was more that could be done for Cenric and Beinn from within the Territory. It was something she would mention to Nate when they spoke later. It would be difficult to offer Cenric help if he wasn't going to stick around to accept or even discuss it. Hopefully he would be easier to work with in private, if she and Nate could come up with ideas.

Her concerns about the treaty were the same as the others, so she felt no need to restate them. There would be homeless people, mainly from Ludaea as her cousin had pointed out, and they now had less land to use for farming. She didn't think Aarenis did much farming, though, so in that regard, the Province was not a huge loss.

Her eyes fell last on Lady Kersin, a woman Diana did not know well enough to have much of an opinion on. She at least seemed to care about the people in her Province enough to help them resettle, even though she was being moved away from them like a pawn in a chess game, and even though she was from Askavi and they were from Dharo.

"Dalarna should be able to accept a fair number of your people," Diana spoke, though she chose not to stand. "As the Territory continues to rebuild, we will be in need of plenty of craftsmen." Right now, raw goods were still a bit scarce, which meant that they would need to be doing more farming than they normally did where the land was capable of supporting it. "I will be sure to let my Steward know to be looking for communication from yours so that this relocations can be handled as smoothly as possible for them."

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Re: chess pieces
« Reply #6 on: May 28, 2017, 01:45:08 AM »
While Lesia did not expect there to be cheering or even much happiness over the treaty, she had not expected the sort of outburst Cenric had before leaving, especially since this was only the very beginning of the meeting. How was he supposed to garner support if he wasn't here to do it? The other Province leaders might have ideas that she didn't think of, or be able to offer help in ways she did not know they were capable. Lesia did her best to stay on top of what was going on in each Province, but she also didn't micromanage. She just didn't have the capacity to do everything herself. However, she watched Cenric leave with only a frown on her face rather than trying to get him to stay.
At least there seemed to be only one outburst. The calm presentation of concerns would make this much easier. Lesia was looking forward to getting more of the Territory settled and on its way to recovery, which was something she knew she needed to help her Province rulers with as much as possible. She liked the challenge. It was what they had elected her for, after all.
She thought over the concerns, quickly forming a plan that ended up being similar to what Lady Kersin offered. Lesia smiled at her, though she also wished that the other Queen was not in this position. It was a lot of pressure, and she hoped that the others did not look on this as a failure on Lady Kersin's part.
Lesia leaned forward, resting her elbows on the edge of the table, ready to continue the discussion. She was confident that they could come away with some arrangements that would benefit everyone, even if it meant more work for everyone as well.


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