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.begone. era
« on: April 05, 2017, 04:50:15 PM »
*If I may leave Lady Troy in your capable hands,* the male said on a Sapphire thread to the warlord prince who had come over to speak with his Black Widow. Damian was smart enough to realize that the male was a Troy, they had rather attractive lips and that Olwen and the male were close enough to leave Olwen alone with him. He wasn’t too sure about the Gray but there was something about the man’s gaze that made the choice it was okay to step away. Even if for five minutes.

Nathaniel studied the Black warlord prince before he gave a quick nod and turned his attention to his cousin.

Damian left the threesome to track down a man he hadn’t seen in a few months or more. He never thought he’d see again, not after what happened in Dena Nehele. The thought of his homeland caused him physical pain that almost took his breath away. It was something he tried to avoid but here it was, in the flesh, a reminder of what he’d done. He wondered briefly if this is who Penny had seen in her Tangled Webs. It would make sense the Remidee would be sent/come after him.

Damian just wanted to forget it all but he knew that would never be possible. So instead he decided to confront his one-time friend. Despite the turmoil inside he was smiling when he came over to the Ebon-Gray Warlord Prince. He’d been watching the man most of the evening, he didn’t seem that different. Damian was still not sure what he was looking for. Cautious now, more than he had been a year ago, Damian raised a tight Black shield around himself before greeting his one-time friend. He didn’t expect anything, that wasn’t Remi's style but he didn’t know want to expect anymore.

“Remidee, fancy seeing you here.”

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Re: .begone. era
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2017, 06:35:21 AM »
It was Remi's turn to be away as well. The conversation with the Warlord Prince of Beinn had gone in a direction he'd not overly been expecting. He wasn't sure why though, after all, there was nothing wrong with Shiori. She was a strong, capable Queen whose district was starting to bloom under her hand. Yes, he'd heard of other Amelia districts that apparently were so advanced that they had started producing wine. This had caused him to snort in derision. Remi felt that any Queen who would rather produce wine than food was a wasteful witch and thoughtless Queen. She could, he supposed, be an economical Queen using the wine to bring in money that would help build the province up.

It was none of his business, really. He supposed as she grabbed another glass of wine, studying it for a few moments and hoping it didn't come from aforementioned Queen. That would really put a crimp in his evening. Which had been boring, stuffy and just soul killing until the meeting with the Beinn male.

Though before he could muse any more about the Queen of Wine or his Queen and the offer she'd been given, the one person he'd been working up too going to see approached him first, naturally surrounded in a Black Shield. Remi raised an eyebrow and sipped from his glass, though didn't make a move to shield himself.

“Damian.” he said, swirling his glass in his hand “I always told you the world is getting smaller. Though you could mean, fancy seeing me at one of this Aristo shindigs, which, I am rather surprised to see me here too. It's really...” he said looking around “my natural habitat.”

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Re: .begone. era
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2017, 07:20:49 PM »
Damian missed Remi’s mouth. He was always quick wit and it had made things interesting when they had lived in Dena Nehele. He knew being so dark was very lonely. It was hard to put into words. He had tried even recently to talk to Olwen about it but even the Gray was so much lighter than his Black. Remi had been the closest. He was older and more experienced. Damian had looked up to Remi. Both dark but so far apart. Then Damian lost it.

The warlord prince mentally shook himself and realized he was being mopey and childish.

“Natural habitat? Only because your tongue likes waggling,” Damian mused with a tip of his head. “Aristos tend to like that sort of thing. Though instead of stroking their egos, you are more likely to upset their delicate sensibilities.” Damian dropped the shield and rocked back a little on his heels as he studied his once friend.

Still friend? Damian had no idea what Remi was or why Remi was in Kaeleer. His sister’s warning still in his mind wasn’t helping. So Damian leaned forward and kissed one cheek then the next cheek. Partly to see what Remi would do but it was a close friend greeting. Even for men.


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