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Just one quiet moment
« on: March 24, 2017, 10:59:23 AM »
Once this would've been Tobias' element. Wining and dining and socialising with the most important people in Dharo, it was what he had been born and trained for, and in his dark green suit (the Herondale colour) at the cutting edge of fashion he still looked it. A whole lifetime of courtly training, yet it had been mostly undone by five minutes of trauma when he'd lost his jewel, his sister, and part of his mind. He was doing better now he could feel it, a slow healing brought about by his time with Etain, by growing close to someone almost despite his best efforts. He had still shied away from the few moments that felt like something more than friendship might've developed, he still needed to find his sister before he could commit himself to anything more than a casual friendship, but it was helping.

He was better but still far from good, and hours literally surrounded by dark jewels and strange Warlord Princes on all sides had left his nerves strained. Without the occasional casual touch from Etain, the brush of fingers, her hand on his arm, a gentle touch to warn of her someone approaching from behind, he would've had to leave long before now. Even her centering influence could only do so much, especially with all the attention Etain drew as a young powerful dualcaste Queen. The meal had been a small reprieve with only a few people to watch, but less than an hour after it ended Tobias caught himself about to snarl at a young Prince who was far too interested in Etain, his nerves stretched to the breaking point.

With difficulty Tobias remained civil to the other man, though he couldn't remember a single word he said. *Would you like some air? If we slip out onto a balcony we might get a moment without someone else trying to sway you to their Province.* He suggested on a private psychic thread, sipping at his wine and suppressing the urge to look in every direction at once for a trap. Etain could sense his anxiety he was sure, but his suggestion wasn't all fabrication. Most of them hadn't been quite so direct but he was relatively sure that he had correctly guessed the purpose of at least half the people he'd talked to Etain with, seeing how her loyalties to her family and land stood compared to her desire for power. He'd wondered the same thing once, but by now she was probably just as sick of the probing questions as he was of the feeling of being surrounded.

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Re: Just one quiet moment
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2017, 02:48:05 AM »
Whilst she could be amiable at events, and honestly didn't mind socialising most of the time, this day had been a long one, and Etain didn't see much of an end to it in sight. She had been aware that she might gain interest from a few parties in areas that could use a Queen, especially one who would be able to give quite a lot to the land, but she felt like every time she turned around there was another person who wanted to talk with her, whether or not they had any kind of agenda.

So it was that when she received the invitation from Tobias, she near jumped at it, immediately asking to excuse herself, and picking up a glass of wine as she looped an arm around the male's.

*Darkness save me, I thought you would never ask...* Etain's voice replied to the Warlord Prince over the thread he'd opened, and she politely waved off another person who was hoping to catch her attention, before quietly explaining to them as she passed that she was suffering a small headache and needed some air. Naturally, no one was going to argue with the Queen's state of her health, and it was clear that she was with an escort who was looking to get her said air.

Once they finally navigated their way to the balcony, the Black Widow Queen inhaled deeply, before breathing out a long sigh as her eyes closed. She kept her arm linked with Tobias', feeling comfortable with him beside her, and then shook her head a little as her lips tugged into a small wry smile.

"Thank you," Etain murmured softly as she looked out past the balcony, and then took a small sip of her drink. She then looked around carefully to make sure that no one was with them, or within listening range when she spoke ever so quietly to the Warlord Prince. "How are you holding up?" She queried, genuinely concerned, though he seemed to have been taking everything rather well, and she had been doing her best to be able to keep him comforted and calmed when she could. Still, she couldn't help just the fraction of impish smirk as she watched the horizon.

"So... think I should go to Beinn?" Etain asked quietly.

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Re: Just one quiet moment
« Reply #2 on: March 25, 2017, 10:37:46 AM »
Tobias quickly covered the grin that sprung up at Etain's eagerness to step outside, plastering a blandly social smile in it's place as he let her talk their way out of one last conversation. It was likely that no one person thought they were intruding, but when so many wanted 'just a moment' it added up, and left Tobias annoyed at this last intruder far more than they deserved.

He took a glass of wine from a server, deliberately avoided eye contact twice, and subtly steered them away from a gaggle of people who might've asked them to join if they strayed too close, before the two finally made it outside. Tobias finally felt like he could breath, he hadn't realised how tightly wound he had been until they had left and he managed to begin to relax if just a little. “No, thank you.” Tobias assured her with a small shake of his head and a smile, vanishing his wineglass momentarily to reach up and adjust his collar and tie, though he was careful not to mess it up. Inside it had felt like it was choking him, but out here that tightness seemed to relax despite the tie being the same length.

“I'm...better.” Tobias hesitated for a moment to find the right word, but once he did he turned from the view to give her a small but genuine smile his voice as soft as hers. To reinforce his words further he reached out with his now free hand and patted the hand draped over his arm, lingering there for a moment, the skin to skin contact helping him center himself further. “And you?” It hadn't been entirely for his sake they'd made their escape after all, just mostly.

Her question brought a flash of amused annoyance, and again it took him a moment to find the right words as he turned from her to look out into the distance. “I'd rather you didn't. It would be even more hassle to visit you in a warzone than it would be at your family estates.” Tobias smiled and shifted his body slightly to brush his side against hers, gaining a touch more of the contact he craved. “Though I do wonder if the Glacians would dislike me quite as much as your brother. Sometimes he seems almost as likely to attack me.” He teased back, a flash of his own mischevious streak playing across his face in a quick smirk, and his face turned slightly to watch her reaction from the corner of his eye.


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