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Lady Bailey to her Province Rulers
« on: March 15, 2017, 01:43:44 PM »
A letter addressed from Lady Bailey, Queen of Dharo, to each one of her Province rulers.


It has been nearly a year since I was graciously voted as the new Territory Queen. There has been a tremendous amount of work done in order to recover from the disasters that have struck our territory over the last few years. While we are making strides to correct the wrongs, replant and grow, we still have much work to do.

I am pleased to announce a summit for March 2017 in order to address these ongoing issues. You may bring up to two guests in addition to your escorts. The summit will occur over several days, starting with a dinner and reception. The following day will be meetings between the Province rulers and myself, and then a larger forum during which a larger discussion may take place. On the third day, brunch will be served, and then you may return home at your leisure.

I look forward to meeting with you to better our fair Dharo.

May the Darkness bless you,
Lady L. Bailey


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